How To Get Out of Self-Doubt And Stay Self-Assured

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Even most confident people struggle with self-doubt. In this masterclass we will:

  • revisit what the Impostor Syndrome is and what it is NOT
  • talk about why it is important to distinguish between impostor feelings and the feelings of self-doubt
  • define what raw talent is
  • discuss why people often don't see their own brilliance and what it leads to
  • learn the difference between a zone of excellence and a zone of genius (and why it's dangerous to get stuck in a zone of excellence)
  • learn why it is important to recognize and stay in one's "flow state"
  • practice 5 steps to get out of self-doubt to stay self-assured
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Katya Nicholas is a thought leader on Empathy, Zone of Genius, and Impostor Phenomenon. As a Gallup-certified CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) coach, she has guided hundreds of individuals globally to unearth, recognize, and own their unique talent DNA, a.k.a. their genius. With a Master’s in translation and linguistics from St. Petersburg, Russia, she spent eight years helping humans speaking different languages and living in different cultures to appreciate each other. This training to promote cross-cultural understanding as an objective, judgment-free conduit now benefits Katya in her coaching to ensure any disheartened professional learns the language of their brilliance and confidently anchors themselves in their zone of genius. 

In addition to ensuring everyone finds self-assurance in their unique talent DNA, Katya also uses her natural empathic abilities in portrait and personal branding photography to deliver authentic and captivating imagery. Katya learned photography at the age of 9, and perfected her craft while studying it at the New York Institute of Photography. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including Forbes, Business Insider, and Yahoo! Finance.

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