I needed to have a professional personal photo taken for my business, but wanted to find someone who was sensitive to my needs.

I had portraits taken with my family when I was young and only remember having to sit in awkward, uncomfortable positions for too long and the photographer barking orders at us. Since then, I have not enjoyed having my photo taken professionally. I was envisioning the same stiff, unpleasant experience. Katya put me at ease immediately. She has a very gentle and genuine personality and we discussed my preferences at length before beginning the session. We did the session in a relaxed setting (not a stark photography studio) and I felt very comfortable. She also intuitively assessed which poses were most natural and comfortable for me. Her make-up artist was also very professional and spent time assessing what kind of make-up I was comfortable with. They are a great team.

Having a good rapport with my photographer was extremely important! It’s difficult to relax for a great photo if you have no comfort level with the photographer — the tension shows. I was able to take her advice without reservation because she is clearly experienced at what she does. I also felt that I made the right choice after I looked at her website prior to my session and could see the remarkable photos she had taken of other women.

I am always very critical of photos of myself, like many, but I can truly say that I LOVE what Katya did! She captured my best looks and made it easy for me to relax and look natural. As soon as I received the photos I immediately changed all my profile shots and received tons of positive feedback. It was also a wonderful experience because Katya is very sensitive to the self image issues that many women have. My entire session was supported by her encouraging words and positive philosophy on loving yourself and embracing your flaws.

Lastly, Katya is not just a photographer, she is also an entrepreneur who understands the unique needs of business women. Her ability to assess what images would best complement my brand were spot on. She captured exactly what I was looking for and made the entire process comfortable and fun! Not only did I get great photos from Katya, I got valuable business wisdom about how to present myself and adopt a positive image.
— Amy W., Mountain Lakes, NJ
Katya did my professional headshots for my website. I cannot even begin to tell you the number of compliments I have gotten on them. The photos she took conveyed the exact tone I wanted: highly professional, but open and friendly.

Katya herself was very professional, communicating clearly throughout the entire process and meeting all deadlines.

One of the greatest advantages of working with her, though, is her deep professional knowledge. She knows tricks to make you look *so much better* than you do in the party pics your friends take. Her photos make me look both skinnier and more confident than any that I’d tried to have taken by non-professional friends.
— Lidia A., Jersey City, NJ
Katya was top notch from setting up a convenient time to discuss my project to asking pivotal questions. This was my second go around for a photographer. Second time around was definitely a charm!

Firstly, Katya understood my goals and mission for website. Since I was the brand, she captured my mission perfectly, making me feel at ease. She was quickly able to build rapport, which put me at ease and allowed for my personality to shine.

Secondly, Katya understands the importance of branding with her series of shots. She methodically asks the right questions to deliver both personality and purpose.

Thirdly, since everyone from my creative director to web designers raved about her work, I’ll definitely be using her again.
— Kevin P., Brick Township, NJ