These women are not professional models. When you're in front of my lens it is the most rewarding experience for me—as a photographer and a woman—to reflect your beauty back at you, to make you feel and look like the true beauty that you are.

Working with Katya was an amazing experience. She put me at ease right away and revealed a side of me that I don’t normally see. Katya has a way of capturing your true essence through her photographs and I would absolutely recommend her to any woman who wants the opportunity to let her true beauty shine.
— Julia W., New York, NY
Katya is a brilliant mix of honesty from the heart. She gently guided me to share my beauty in a new way. I really felt it was a collaboration where I shared my ideas and she gave the loving perspective from the other side of the camera. My photos feel like a true representation of me. Feels amazing to have something so personal seen in such a beautiful way.
— Christina S., New York, NY
The truth about you is that you are a phenomenal photographer!
— Karla L., New York, NY
I’ve truly never had more fun in a photo shoot in my life! During our time together, I just knew Katya was going to capture some great images. Not only did I leave with some modeling secrets, six hot magazine-quality shots, I left with a new friend.
— Lori C., New York, NY
Katya’s great at bringing out and highlighting the inherent beauty in every woman. I’d work with her again, and recommend her to my women friends.
— Kim N., San Francisco, CA
You’re right about the empowering effect of photography on women—I have always been very timid when it comes to close-ups, always preferring to pose because I love to dance, but you had a nice way of directing to bring out the confidence for much closer shots!
— Lisa L., New York, NY
I tend to be a bit camera shy, so choosing a professional photographer was a bit nerve-racking. Talent alone wasn’t enough, I knew I needed a photographer that I would be comfortable around.
I was so lucky to have Katya referred to me by a good friend of mine, with VERY high standards. I was in awe of the results! The shots not only captured different angles of my face, I could feel the energy behind the different looks (from a business suit to a little black dress) and most importantlyI was proud to share these pics on various media!
— Chizzy I., New York, NY